This site is a network within the Arizona and Global music scene, as well as the personal website for Zac Wurtenberg or AtomicLogic.        

          AtomicLogicAudio is not only a recording studio in Tempe, Arizona, USA but also does live recordings and productions and much more.

          Playing now you hear some of the newest tracks produced by AtomicLogic, but if it doesn't automatically play, just press play on the player below which also has more tracks. Also listed are the music events produced by Zac or AtomicLogic and AtomicLogicAudio. Questions or booking inquiry?

or just text (480)256-2363




  • SailingSeasOfSerendipity3:30
  • Shockras3:56
  • LonelyOutHere4:37
  • ComingHome3:56
  • AlittleBitTaller 4:56
  • 3RDi3:56
  • Wasteland4:04
  • SpaceTrippinFtCadavGrim3:17
  • Pinball King2:27


‚Äč      -2/24/17-